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Here at Penny Revenge we deal with your annoying parking tickets, and in style. We fully understand how stressful and frustrating it is getting a parking ticket, so we've created a service that will hopefully redress some of that aggravation.

Simply send us your ticket (with our small fee) and we'll pay your fine with a huge *single* bag of PENNIES. Yes, that's right, the whole fine will be sent to the issuer of the ticket in PENNIES so they have to count every single penny to find out that you've paid the fine. It's a poetic and satisfying way of redressing the balance in the universe caused by getting a parking ticket.

What's more, we'll overpay your fine by a few pennies, so that your ticket issuer will have even more aggravation in having to send the extra pennies back to you. Perfect.

Even when you get an annoying parking ticket, we'll help you feel a little bit more fine.

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